Business Waste Responsibility in the UK

Friday , 30, September 2016 Comments Off on Business Waste Responsibility in the UK

Due to unsustainable consumption of natural resources and environmental damage, the topic of waste management is of great importance to the United Kingdom. Indeed discussion in several forum and researches in different front are ongoing with an aim of finding the best way possible to sustainably manage waste. The topic of waste management in the UK actually cuts across almost every sector; be it private and public, governmental and non-governmental. Growing concerns about who should be responsible for waste management have partially been addressed by holding responsible different institutions and organization for their related waste management. The business community are by far the major waste producers in the U.K, as such, it is commercial businesses have waste responsibility for which they are expect to observe and uphold strictly at all times. The following are description of the fundamental business waste responsibility in the U.K. You should use a licensed London waste removal company if your business is in the capital.

  • Every business setting must keep to the minimum at all times by doing all that is possible to prevent, recycle, reuse, or recover waste.
  • All businesses must always sort and securely store wastes
  • For every waste load that leaves any business premise, a waste transfer form must always be filled by the business organization or the person in charge of waste transfer on behalf of the organization
  • Always ensure that the business’s waste carrier is registered to dispose of waste
  • All business organization must ensure that their waste carries dispose of the business’s wastes legally.

A good example of a waste removal company is
In U.K business waste is classified as any waste that originates from: any commercial activity including ones that are operated from home, construction, agriculture, industry and demolition.
In the event that a business decides to dispose of its wastes by itself, then the business must register itself as a waste carrier. In some cases, the business may be required to apply for waste permit.

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