Bamboo Pillows, Are they Right for You?

Wednesday , 28, September 2016 Comments Off on Bamboo Pillows, Are they Right for You?

If you think of a soft comfortable pillow you would think of a material such as feathers or modern types like memory foam.

Did you know that you can now buy pillows made from natural material such as a Bamboo plant? If you think of Bamboo you might think of tall green sticks that grow in the jungle of a faraway island.

The Bamboo plant is used in a lot of industries and grows so fast that it is easily replaceable and there is plenty to go around. In fact, is grows at a speed of one inch every forty minutes.


bambooIt is very environmentally friendly and there no chemicals involved in the process so there is no ecological footprint left.

Some pillows such as the ones made from memory foam can hold on to heat which can make your sleep slightly uncomfortable especially during the summer months. Bamboo material pillows help breath and keep you cool at night. Also the combat things that cause allergies and dust mites.

To buy a Bamboo pillow you can find a variety online to have mail ordered. You will need to search for a phrase like bamboo pillows uk

When you first buy your pillow it will come in tight packaging and may release a slight odor once opened which will disperse one it is exposed to air for a little while. It is recommended that you leave the pillow out when new for up to forty eight hours before using it.


The natural bamboo pillow will absorb moisture from sweat produced when sleeping, but this will make the odour naturally decrease.

One thing that you may notice when using your new pillow is that they generally weigh a little more than a regular pillow or memory foam pillows and also a little more expensive that a duck feather or foam version.