Why You Should Hire A Minicab Rather Taking Uber

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The struggle between Uber and local taxis has been on for some time now ever since the inception of Uber.  The debate has seen people taking sides and it is now clear that the traditional minicabs are proving more convenient than the newly introduced Uber services. Although there are various reasons people prefer their own choice of transportation, taking a minicab has various advantages rather than taking this app-driven taxi. Consider these reasons for hiring a minicab while in London;

  • Convenience; in order to use Uber, you need to have downloaded the app in your smartphone so that you can access the app and see which Uber taxi is near your proximity. However, sometimes it might not be easy to locate one and when you need to meet tight deadlines you could risk missing appointments. A minicab booking systems is very efficient and even if you have not booked, the taxis in london are always there waiting for clients who are traveling to and from the airport. This convenience is surely worth the effort.
  • Steady cost; the minicabs in London have a fixed price on the various destinations it covers. This price is not dependent on other external factors so you are sure what you see is what you get. However, Uber’s price fluctuates depending on supply and demand. This is called surge pricing. It usually occurs when there are lots of customers and the cars are few. So you can end up paying a lot for a rather short distance covered. Therefore, be assured of steady costs when using a minicab.
  • Reliability; Uber may take a longer time to show up after you have made an appointment. But taking a minicab proves more reliable as you can easily board one of the many available taxis on the roadside.
  • Security; all minicab are fitted with a security camera on the interior and therefore security is ensured at all times. Furthermore, minicab drivers undergo background criminal checks. This gives you complete peace of mind as you go about your daily activities.

Enjoy riding in one of our Liberty minicabs for a smooth ride within London town. We have various cars meant for differing passenger size and suitcase space needs. The cars are in good condition and operation is 24/7. The online booking system is quick and you can be dropped at any airport of your choice. We work across all major airports in London.

Why European Health Insurance Card Is Important When You Are Traveling In Europe

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It has been said before, that health is wealth and without it, then everything else ceases to make sense. Here in the UK, events of the past few months in regards to Brexit have confused many, and left many more unsure of how future dealings with the rest of the EU will be like. When it comes to the European Health Insurance Card, better known as EHIC, you’re probably aware that of its benefits. It enables you to seek medical treatment in any EU nation and Switzerland. Switzerland is not a member of the EU, but is a member of the single market. Thus for instance, if you are in holiday or vacation in Germany, France, Spain, and happened to fall ill, this card will enable you get admitted promptly in a public health accredited facility.

As a resident of the UK, there are numerous benefits why you should apply for the European health insurance card;
Basically, the main reason behind the creation of the European health insurance card was to help member citizens travel and stay in any country, without requiring to go back to their home countries, for any medical reasons.
There are 3 unfortunate eventualities that may transpire while traveling within Europe; i) You may fall ill, ii) You may have an accident, iii) Or you may have a pre existing condition that requires constant attention, like Kidney dialysis. In any of these scenarios, an EHIC is the surest way to ensure that you get the best possible medical treatment in the host nation.
At other times, maybe you’re expectant and have traveled within the EU. If you happen to develop premature labor or any complications, again, you’d have to get a private hospital or doctor, and this may be extremely costly. But with an EHIC card, you’re assured of similar medical care as you’d expect of the NHS here in the UK.
However, it’s worth clarifying that EHIC does not include any visits to private clinics, or private doctors. Besides, it seeks to cater only for the very necessary and urgent medical interventions that can’t wait till you’ve returned to the UK. You can’t for instance seek aesthetic dental services like orthodontic braces in another EU country; such is deemed not an emergency, and can wait till one is back in their home country.

The application process of the European Health Insurance Card is free and fast. If you are in England or Wales, you’ll need your NHS or National Insurance number. In Scotland you’ll need your CHI number, while the Irish need their Health and Care number. These are of course accompanied by your personal details like full names, street address, and so on so forth.
The European Health Insurance Card is a must have;
Indeed, you can’t afford to travel around Europe without your EHIC especially if your stay takes more than a day. Even if you have travel insurance, having this magic card is still a prudent thing to do.

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